Entre – Met with Dan Benjamin at Bergman with Jeff Bright. Talked about 2 key infrastructure issues they want to address.

1. Currently all remote sites have T1 connections – but all internet traffic is redirected through corporate HQ’s 2MB internet pipe. Dan wants a quote to move all remote sites off the primary Internet connection at HQ and move them to the collaction (Paetec’s) Internet pipe (also 2mb). They want to free up this 2mb pipe at HQ for their own use.

2. If main Internet connection goes down in HQ – redirect all traffic over to the collocation to use their Internet and have them use Exchange over @ collocation.

Jeff is looking into mirroring their exchange environment and tape backup alternatives (rack space useage, 2 Terabyte native)


Amy and I went bowling last night at Dewey Gardens with Jay & Amanda. It was fun. Grandma Benge watched sweet goodness for us too! I received my new laptop at work (finally!) It’s really nice….. a ThinkPad X40! Very trick. I’m customizing it now this weekend for work. Loading all the goodies on it. We are going to Rocco’s 2nd Birthday today. Jesse and Kara are pregnant. Kara is due on April 17th, 2005. They are really excited.